Mission: Grit

Yesterday I was doing promo-classes in Grit Cardio and strength for Les Mills at Family Sports Club Mysen. They had a leader seminar, with different group-x concept demos. So much fun! The only thing not so fun was the drive forth and back – 1h15mins approx. In heavy sunshine and heat, with no aircondition. But it surely was worth it ☺️



Stuck at the airport

Our plane had a crack in a cockpit-window, so it landed in Zürich and never made it to Nice for us to go home. So now I’m stuck at the airport. Luckily we got a chartered plane at 02:35, so Ill make it to work tomorrow 😴

I also found one of my childhood friends here, and that was nice. And we got food vouches. ☺️

So with a little patience and flexibility, it’s all gonna work out just fine.

Good night from us!